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2013 年As Alliance 結成。


激しくパッションのある演奏にボーカルBrandon の包容力のあるハイトーンボイスと、ボーカルTsuguma



米の有名アーティスト達と共演、更には中国大陸・香港・マカオ・台湾などへ通算8 回のアジアツアー


As Alliance was formed in 2013.
Their music, which put the concept “From Okinawa to the world.” into reality, is supported by many people despite different races, languages and countries.
The passionate instrumental performance with vocal from tolerance high pitched vocalist Brandon and destructive husky voice vocalist Tsuguma, the live band performance become their weapon and make their songs more plentiful. Until now the band has performed at large scale music festival which was held on U.S. military base in Okinawa for several times. As Alliance has also performed with many famous artists from America and Europe. Besides, the band has played in numerous large scale music festival in Asia as well as they had organized Asia tour including places in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan for 8 times.

2013年As Alliance組成。真實體現「由沖繩發送到全世界」的音樂,跨越了人種、語言、國境並受到許多人支持。在激烈熱情的演奏中加入擁有包容力十足高吭嗓音的主唱Brandon以及破壞力十足嘶啞嗓音的主唱Tsuguma,以歌曲中情感表現的豐富度和LIVE BAND才能有的壓倒性舞台魅力為其武器,至今為止己參加過許多在沖繩美軍基地舉行的大型音樂節演出。曾和許多歐美有名的藝人共演,更在中國大陸・香港・澳門・台灣等共進行過8次的亞洲巡演也參加過許多亞洲大型音樂節演出。

2013년 As Alliance 결성. '오키나와에서 세계로'를 실감나게 구현하는 음악은 인종, 언어, 국경을 초월해 많은 사람들에게 지지를 받고 있다. 격렬한 패션이 넘치는 연주에 보컬 Brandon의 포용력 있는 하이톤 보이스와 보컬 Tsuguma의 파괴력 있는 샤우트 보이스가 섞여 곡 중 감정표현의 풍부함과 라이브 밴드만이 가능한 압도적 퍼포먼스를 무기로 지금까지 오키나와 미군기지 대규모 페스티벌에 다수 출연. 수많은 서양 유명 아티스트들과 공연, 중국, 홍콩, 마카오, 대만 등 통산 8회의 아시아 투어를 결행하였으며 아시아 각지 대규모 페스티벌에도 다수 출연했다.


2013.09.29 台湾|台北市 巨獸搖滾3.0(BEASTIE ROCK 3.0)

2014.04.04 台湾|屏東縣 春天吶喊2014(Spring Scream 2014)

2015.05.01 大陸|蘇州市 2015 太湖迷笛音樂節(TAIHU MIDI FESTIVAL 2015)(w/Killswitch Engage/etc...)

2015.12.18 大陸|重慶市 2015MAO 重慶城市音樂節(MAO ChongQing City Music Festival 2015)

2015.12.26 台湾|台中市 搖滾新樂園(New Rock Paradise)

2015.12.28 台湾|台中市 搖滾媽祖醮(Rock Mazu Festival)

2016.01.01 大陸|深圳市 2015/16 深圳跨年迷笛音樂節(SHENZHEN NEW YEAR'S MIDI FESTIVAL 2015/16)

2016.08.28 台湾|台中市 2006 無懼音樂祭(NO FEAR FESTIVAL 2016)(w/SPYAIR/Goose house/でんぱ組.inc/etc...)

2016.11.05 大陸|紹興市 2016 紹興迷笛音樂節(SHAOXING MIDI FESTIVAL 2016)

2017.10.15 大陸|舟山市 2017 朱家尖東海音樂節(EAST SEA FESTIVAL) ※台風で中止

2017.12.31 大陸|温州市 2017-2018 温州楠溪江東海跨年音樂節(EASTSEA COUNTDOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL@NANXI RIVER)


2014.09.03 沖縄|金武町 Hansen Festival (w/P.O.D/etc...)

2014.10.11 沖縄|読谷村 Rocktober Festival ※台風で中止

2015.05.24 沖縄|名護市 Schwab Festival (w/Theory of a Deadman/etc...)

2015.06.27 沖縄|嘉手納町 Kadena Airbase Festival (w/Gavin Degraw/etc...)

2015.07.04 沖縄|国頭村 Okuma Festival

2015.10.11 沖縄|読谷村 Rocktober Festival

2016.07.02 沖縄|嘉手納町 Kadena Flightline Festival (w/Usher/etc...) ※米軍不祥事で中止

2016.12.10 沖縄|嘉手納町 Kadena Airbase Christmas Festival

2021.11.07 沖縄|名護市 Schwab Festival

​2022.03.07 沖縄|名護市 Schwab Festival 2022

2022.09.11 沖縄|浦添市 Kinser Festival 2022

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